Monday, 5 March 2012

Doublets and trousers and boots, oh my

Not one of the actual doublets, but roughly the same style.  In fact, if you imagine a mini-ruff poking out at the neck, the exact same style.  These are currently being created on someone else's sewing machine, for which I am duly grateful.

Given the state of tizz I got myself into making 17 sets of pajamas, the potential for disaster in anything this complex is ...  I can't think of a suitable word.    Just fill in the blank which whatever seems most appropriate to you.

These creations will appear in Malfi, but will then be added to the ever-growing stock of costumes and will undoubtedly be re-used in many productions to come.

Trousers are being attacked as we speak.  Another 5 pairs to find and fit.  These are easy.  Charity shops sell many pairs in suitable (i.e. dark, heavy) fabrics.  Nobody is an odd size.  Consider that a done deal.

The crisis point there is boots.  In the interests of creating a kind of house style with internal consistency, we reckoned boots would be the best thing for all the people playing men to wear.  Note that phrase.  "All the people playing men" includes a large number of girls.  Male and female legs look rather different, hence boots.

We've messed about with the notion of using strap on boot flaps.  They look like nothing a person would wear.  We've experimented with slip over boots.  "Slip over" is the exact term as it turns out.  The simplest step becomes a death trap of slippage.  Not viable.  Especially not on a raked stage.  Some of the tension will go out of this lovely piece of revenge tragedy if the cast spend all their time sliding inexorably towards the audience.

More charity shops.  Or possibly riding boots.  If anyone knows of a good source of free non-rubber boots, let me know.

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