Monday, 5 December 2011

Weather gods

The weather gods were clearly paying attention.

Not half an hour after the fruit trees were settled in yesterday, it started to snow.  Not settling snow by any means, but those big white flakes that look pretty.

I clearly do have some impact with the weather.  Usually inconveniently, I must admit.  Once the grass starts growing, I only have to think about mowing the lawn and clouds will gather to chuck rain all over it.  Anyone in possession of a lawn will know that mowing when wet leads to backache and ripped turf.  Hence the hayfield we often have instead of neatly cut grass.

This time, however, I can feel suitably smug.


  1. You got snow? We got rain but then we are down on the Humber estuary. Personally, I think we got about eight years' worth of snow last Christmas.

  2. We all did I think. It's just a tiny dusting round here, but 17 miles towards Cumbria it's quite bad - was up there this morning.