Friday, 2 December 2011

Mikelmerck - Goffroi I, the Pactsinger (2nd day of advent)

The real foundation of Sarahame power lies in the Song of Binding composed by Goffroi I.  As a young man, arrogant and longing for power,  he hunted and caught a fey woman on his lands.  Outraged at his insolence, but intrigued by his courage, she offered a bargain.  If he could compose a song to please her, she would lie with him three nights.  

The song was sung and on the first night, the fey woman lay with him and bore a son.  Now she asked Goffroi to raise the boy in the mortal world.  He agreed.  The boy should hold all the land that he would walk in a day.  So was marked the boundary of Mikelmerck.

On the second night, the fey woman lay with him and bore a daughter.  She asked that the girl be raised among the fey.  Goffroi agreed, but insisted that the girl return each year for one day.  So was born the Veiled One.

On the third night, the fey woman waxed great but bore no child.  She offered Goffroi a choice.  The child she carried would be his downfall and the downfall of his family.  So long as he and his heirs walked the Progress with the Queen each year, they would prosper.  When the bargain was broken, she would birth the child.

In the morning, he found her gone, leaving nothing but a spring of broom in her place.  Taking it as his emblem and his name,  Goffroi heeded her words.  He wrote down the tale and the song.  The tale is told freely - if treated now as a myth.  The song has been long hidden.  Some parts can be found engraved into the family vault at Jervich, but the whole is unknown these days.  For seven centuries the Sarathames have walked the Progress, always accompanied by a veiled woman.  Some bargains are not to be broken.

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