Saturday, 17 December 2011

Organisation - I have the skillz

Sometimes I have the skillz.

The list so far - and meagre though it is, it pleases me:

Festive meat ordered:  Traditionally we tend to hole up over Christmas and just blob about amiably for the duration, but on this occasion we're going to be in Cyprus over the New Year.  Therefore it seemed a little foolish to buy vast slabs of meat.  My mum would have been so proud of me for thinking ahead.  One turkey crown, one piece of outstandingly beautiful beef, one ham to be cooked at home.  No pre-order on chipolatas.  The very fine butcher assured me that they will have plenty and they can be purchased on pick up.  Down payment made.

Bake fest impending:  Today and tomorrow.  Dear friend (she is my usual partner in crime for cake construction) is descending later today and we have plans to make a gingerbread building of some kind.  Possibly several as between us we never knowingly undercater.  A wistful phone conversation earlier in the week suggested that we may try to build something capable of accommodating a tealight without the gingerbread catching fire.  We shall make the building blocks (so to speak) today and then get busy with the icing gun tomorrow.

I also intend to make a Christmas cake based closely on the uber-chocolate cake I made for the infamous wedding back in October.  Fruit cake is pointless in our family as nobody eats it.  Booze-infused chocolate cake is likely to go down well, however.

Additionally, there is the son's birthday cake.  By tradition, he chooses what he wants the thing to look like, and so far has had a bird-eating spider, Cthulhu devouring a boat and a flame spitting dragon.  This year he wants another Elder God and I shall attempt to craft Shub-Niggurath for him. 

Trees:   Will go up this weekend as well.  One in each front facing bay window just because.

Yet to be done:

Umm.  Some present buying would be good, I suppose.
My tax return.  I'm whispering this one as it's a black spot in any year for the self-employed.

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