Friday, 23 December 2011

Battening down the hatches

By long tradition, we celebrate Christmas by shutting up shop and turning into anti-social blobs for three days.

Once the meat is collected, that's it.  We'll go into "this is our holiday, we can do what we like even if nobody else in the world approves."  Essentially, it means we'll wander around the house, cook a lot of stuff, eat it vaguely whenever we like, keep the coffee pot and mulled cider running and turn ourselves loose on our various hobbies without any guilt.  It is quite wonderful.

For a family of Catholic Jews to achieve guilt free blobbing is a major accomplishment.  It is a tradition I hold very dear. 


  1. Quite right too. Have a wonderful time. xxx

  2. Last year I got to spend most of Christmas day by myself. Before it happened, I was worried that I'd sit around and mope over years past, but I didn't. In fact, I had the best day EVER!

    Enjoy your holiday. It sounds like bliss to me. (I'm back to spending the day with family. sigh).