Thursday, 15 December 2011

Mikelmerck - Markets and knitting

Markets are a regular feature of life in Strangmont.  While barter is the commonplace day to day currency, for anything more out of the way than sheep products, a market is the only sensible option.  Strangmont holds the marketing rights for Mikelmerck and makes full use of them.

Craftsmen gather each month to trade goods and information in equal measure.  Here one may purchase basic supplies as well, as other more exotic things.  Very occasionally, fey traders arrive and their stalls are regarded with a mixture of longing and deep suspicion.  There is, as everyone knows, no such thing as a good fey bargain.  Or at least none that is good for the recipient.

The Duchy crafters have their specialities.  Knitwear is a major source of income for many families.  Nor is it to be despised.  Due to the hardy nature of Mikelmerck sheep, clothing made from their wool has extraordinary durability.  Some say that it is better than armour.  It must be confessed, however, that wearing Mikelmerck wool next to the skin is not recommended for the weak.

Each garment is unique.  Families pass down their pattens and guard them jealously.  In some cases, those pattens have particular virtues.  Members of the Thwaith clan knit charms against the cold into their clothing, while those of the Culd family have a long history of knitting clear sight into their clothes.  Some knitters will make special clothing to order for favoured customers.

Water-warded scarf with additional fey protection.  From the private collection of Scrivener Wainwright

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