Monday, 5 December 2011

Mikelmerck - on weather (5th day of advent)

(Yes indeed, a slight sense of thematic need prompted this one, along with a semi-joke from Barry Blatt a few weeks ago.)

A bit parky,  frost, mist and breeze

Mikelmerckian weather has a charm of its own.  A charm hard to fathom for the outsider, but much appreciated by the natives.

Visitors say Mikelmerck weather comes in two flavours.  Cold and wet or the ever-popular foggy and wet.  This is an injustice as Srivener Wainwright demonstrates. He has conscientiously documented the various types of rain throughout the year.

  1. Drizzle
  2. Squally showers
  3. Downpour
  4. A good drench
  5. Precipitation
  6. Flurries
  7. Torrent
  8. Tempest
  9. Heavy condensation
  10. Heavy dew
  11. Sheets
  12. Freezing
  13. Deluge
  14. Sprinkling
  15. Misting
  16. Showers of mixed amphibians
  17. Showers 
  18. Thunderstorm
  19. Cloudburst
  20. Spitting
To these he adds the following seasonal options:
  1. High winds (any time of year)
  2. Dense fog (autumn and winter)
  3. Mist (autumn and winter)
  4. Early lying mist (spring and summer)
  5. Gusting winds (any time of year)
  6. Overcast (any time of year)
  7. Dank air (any time of year)
  8. Thick frost (autumn and winter)
  9. Sleet (winter)
  10. Snow flurries (winter)
  11. Snowstorm (winter)
  12. Mardy (when summer isn't what it should be)
  13. Hail (spring and summer)
  14. Blowy (any time of year, but notably in late spring)
  15. Bit parky (only if the temperature drops below zero)
  16. Sunshine (Progress time only)
  17. Breezes
  18. Gales
  19. Clarty (summer only)
  20. Sheepsky (a prelude to thunder)
Dense fog, overcast with spitting rain

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