Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mikelmerck - Guardian ghosts and others (4th day of advent)

(Yes, I know yesterday's Mikelmerck post was on the 3rd day of advent, but the title was already absurdly long)

Due to the tendency of Mikelmerkians to remain in harness after death, ghosts are not so much feared as expected.  Held by contract to their households, ghosts are regarded as security.  They recognise members of the family perfectly well.  Selected friends may well be introduced to the ghost as well, so that they may visit in peace.  Strangers get a chillier welcome until vouched for.

All this is innocent and practical enough, but not all ghosts are so benignly tied.  Ghosts found in abandoned places may well be angry that they have not been formally released.  Over time, anger may turn to something worse and such ghosts may wander the Duchy seeking someone to put them to rest.  In general such ghosts will attempt to reach existing family members, but if that is not possible, anyone will do.  Some very long abandoned spirits may go entirely mad, believing any person they come across is a member of their former family.  Such a person will be relentlessly haunted until the ghost can be placated and released.

There are also stories of ghosts refusing to end their contracts.  These dangerous spirits hunt for a more profound unlife than the one granted to them and are drawn to sorcery of all kinds. 

Guardian ghosts
Armor Class: 6 [13]
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: Chill gaze (1d3), Touch (1d4)
Saving Throw: 16
Special: Immune sleep spells and normal weapons, paralysing touch
Move: 9
Challenge Level/XP: 3/60

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