Saturday, 4 February 2012

Where are they now?

Time for a brief update on what has happened to my hapless adventuring groups.


Tombs I are possibly forging an unlikely alliance.  Talking weaponry is chancy stuff.  I haven't played an artifact in a while and given the circumstances of how they found the thing, and its treatment of its previous owner, the party are probably right to be cautious.  All I will say is that wrapping it up in a dwarf's blanket is a definite affront to its dignity.

Tombs II are splashing through the shallows and confronting a slightly deranged eladrin water mage.  She isn't pleased to see them and is doing her utmost to drive them all into the enticing but mind-devouring mist.  So far she hasn't succeeded, but this combat is in its early stages yet.

The Lost City crew have been rejoined  by their rogue chum.  He arrived just in time to miss the bust-up with the tunnel-visioned glass golems.  Since then they've been wandering the (mercifully dry) sewer system and have passed up a chance to visit a market in favour of invading some inverted gardens.  Whether this is a good idea or not remains to be seen, but that's sandbox adventures for you.  The insectoid life forms have introduced themselves by showering hungry larvae in their general direction.  Communication may yet be possible, but getting their cleric out of the grip of the outsize flying wasp/spider thing is the current priority.  Otherwise there is a good chance that their healer will be eaten alive from the inside.

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