Thursday, 9 February 2012

Long silence, purple hands


I've never left a gap this long between posts before.  From this you will gather that costuming has been going on apace.  I've spent the last few days with my hands in the dye buckets.

That's been interesting in itself and I now know a lot more than I did about how well fabric takes to dye.  In the case of curtain liner (the stuff I used for the Antigone outfits), that is less intensely than I wanted.  The effect is quite good, but it isn't enough.

I've also made the revelatory discovery that dye does indeed dye.  It may not stick to the fabric as much as I'd want, but it does stick to skin.  And work surfaces.  And tiled floors.  And just about anything else it comes into contact with.  Lucky I was doing it in the kitchen.  Yes, I had that much sense.

Anyway the bulk of it is done.  Took them all down to the rehearsal yesterday and put them on the cast.  Since a lot of them immediately started wrestling each other, I know that the stitches at least will hold.  Looking at the colour scheme as a whole was very helpful.  It highlighted the intensity problem I mentioned, so I'll re-do a batch of the Chorus costumes next week over half term.

Malfi costumes are also hotting up.  I'm picking up a load of stuff to be finished today.  Easy going there I hope.  Faustus got the worrying maths treatment this week as well.  A swift count up revealed that I'll need 61 costumes.  That's costumes, not individual garments.  I'm trying very hard not to panic.

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