Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Odysseus goes home

Been working on the play I need to have semi-sorted by Friday.  It's for the after-school Drama Club I run for Bowes School and will be their end of summer term production.

Thinking small gets me nowhere, so I've gone to the other extreme with this.  The cast will about twelve in number (currently twelve, but we often pick up a couple more once the show starts rehearsing).  Age range 7-11.  Ability varied.  One boy.

It needs to tie in vaguely with the school's Olympic theme.  It needs songs (I have some good singers this year).  It needs movement (I have some good dancers this year).  It needs enough parts for everyone to have some keynote scene where what they say matters.  Run time around 30 minutes.

I think the Odyssey is a natural choice, myself.

Olympics - well, it's ancient Greece.
Songs - check.  Sirens sing.  Sailors sing.
Movement - check.  Ships, pigs, harpies, Scylla and Charybdis, sirens, sheep, winds.
Parts - check.  See above and add Penelope, Odysseus and random gods to that list.

Outline done.  Know how to deal with Cyclops.  Know how to deal with ship-stuff.

Need to find suitable siren songs and sea shanties, plus plaintive song for Penelope.

Then I have to do is write enough of it for them to audition with. 

By Friday.

I'm an idiot.

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