Saturday, 25 February 2012

Party time

A quick canter through the ongoing adventures of my various PbP games - as much for my own benefit as any dubious interest it may have for the casual reader.

The Tombs teams are both at a crossroads.  In the case of Group II, they have plunged through a portal and ended up in an alleyway stinking of fish.  Amazingly (and indeed for the first time ever), nobody is attacking them.

Group I are about to embark on the dispatching the architect of the Tomb of Horrors.  They have to get there first, which is an endeavour in itself.  Or should be.  I've already run this scenario with Group II and it was pretty tough for them. 

Group II comprise a well-bred tiefling warlord (almost certainly educated at Roedean), a lecherous wizard, a kickass halfling monk, a half-elf assassin and a rather insecure paladin. 

Group I have a serious masked avenger, a lunatic half-elf invoker, a deva attempting to atone for a lifetime as a rakshasa, a half-orc rogue raised by dwarves and a hobgoblin battlemind who moves like a tiger on vaseline.  With a flail. 

One of the joys of running the same adventure for two separate parties is watching the way they approach the same challenges entirely differently.

The Lost City gang have done something I would normally frown upon as it's generally reckoned insane.  They have split their eight strong party into two.  One bunch are dabbling in insect politics, while the other lot have discovered a bizarre race living in the ruins.  Both groups have a lot of information to take in and some interesting stuff to do.  I'm thoroughly intrigued to know how this will work out.

With four per group, it's probably not as crazy as it might sound to split up.  Plus, they're all good players and know the risks.  From my GMing perspective, it makes a lot of sense as between them they can pick up twice as much plot and information and it allows the individual characters a little more shine time - hard to manage with eight.

The 4e taster game (Den of the Slave Takers) is rattling along.  They sluiced through the first encounter with considerable ease and are about to enter the mushroomy depths of a crazed halfling priestess's hideout. 

Frankly, I'm agog with all of it. 

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