Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dreaming on

Having been horribly failed in my attempts to get myself qualified to teach adults and therefore to earn a slightly more respectable wage, I have turned my attention to other avenues.

Followers will be aware that costume has been on my mind and in my hands a lot recently.  Also, as it conveniently turns out, with the grandmother of one of my students.  She and I have been meeting regularly to talk fabric and doublets and it's all be huge fun.  Last week, over coffee and cake (she is my kind of lady), a cunning plan evolved.  We should descend on Hartlepool and take part in some of their degree courses on costuming. 

At the moment, it looks promising for a pattern designing course starting on Monday.  Already, in my mind's eye, I can see myself constructing things like the picture above.  Wild fantasy I know, as I've only just acquired a sewing machine.  But you gotta have a dream.

They do millinery and corsetry as well.  Who knows where this could lead?

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