Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More family pride

My cousin.  My wonderful, talented, lacking in confidence cousin, has just opened up her website.

It's right here:

Sonia Boue

She's been one of my best friends since childhood and even now is one of those people who I can pick up a conversation with as though we talked every day - even when months have passed.  None of this is relevant to her talent and her commitment to what she's doing, but you have to realise that this lady is gold all through.

Please take a look.  Offer her encouragement.

I want to go to Oxford and go to her workshops.

Just had to take a moment from my own creative trauma to share her world.


  1. I tried, but Google Chrome didn't want me to. But I shall keep trying periodically.



    1. It may be a temporary glitch. She's only just got the website up. Thank you for taking the time - it's much appreciated.