Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We interrupt your scheduled posting ...

... to inform you that there is snow falling in Richmond.  Right on schedule, as it happens.

The weathermen got it bang on the button.  The local council appear not to have believed them as there are no gritters visible.  Other non-visible things are the roads.

It will all melt by morning, I'm sure.  Good old Mother Nature - always with the surprises.


  1. When I left England a couple of weeks ago, it was pretty warm, what's happened! We had a sort of snowstorm up in the North of Sweden and now all the snow just will not go away! It's so sad since I've always adored snow, but now I'd just like spring!

    Great post, below. I'd love to be able to make costumes!

    1. Do bear in mind that I can't make costumes yet, I'm just learning how to :)

      There has been an overnight (literally) change in the weather. On Sunday it was almost tee-shirt worthy and then yesterday the temperature dropped 12 degrees and snow clouds rolled in.