Thursday, 7 June 2012


Jubilation is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

In case anyone missed it, we lucky few, we band of brothers - i.e. Great Britain and the Commonwealth - have been celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  On balance it's looked a lot jollier than Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.  Judging from the pictures, de rigeur behaviour for that was to stand very quietly in the streets in case a sudden noise brought the celebrations to a quick end.

It's been all go here.  Processions, parties, flotillas of boats on the Thames, beacon lighting and bunting.  Lots of bunting.  I ran across an agitated man attempting to buy some at the end of last week only to be told by a sad shop assistant that he couldn't.  She placated him with England bunting, but you could tell he didn't think it was the same thing really.  

In the best traditions of England, the weather cooperated, dropping a further river all over the Thames, but then cheering up long enough to let everyone mow their lawns.  Then it rained again and hasn't stopped since yesterday morning.

Truthfully, however, I've done very little in the way of actual Jubilee celebrating.  Mostly I've been catching up on sleep and fighting my way through a new set of Renaissance patterns.  Oh, and sorting out my computer.  Conveniently that decided not to work on the day I had set aside for catching up with all my online games.  Dave from Mumbai was his usual helpful self, but in the fault lay, as so often, with the weather.  Or my SLder tendencies.  Or a combination.

At any rate, I am now back after a partially enforced absence and am embarking on a D&DNext playtest via Google+.  As a monkey.  Just because.  He's called Fuyuki.

Ninja Monkey by Loam.  From Deviant Art


  1. We saw very little of the jubilee here in the USA.

  2. Read about the jubilee on a couple other blogs and it looks like everyone is having a grand time. Sorry about the weather though. Also, I like your Fuyuki monkey. Looks like you could get into a lot of trouble with him... (;

    1. Fuyuki has been wiping out goblinoids with relish, but may be about to get into somewhat more trouble.

  3. Hi Amanda .. hope the tea room opens soon for you and you can find out its hidden gaming secrets - sounds intriguing ..

    That outfit must be a pain - gosh you are industrious ..
    and it's stopped raining now - well we got through the Jubilee days without it being a complete washout - but it was sad the Pageant was so awful ...

    The tennis is on down here - beautiful today .. but inland the clouds were nearby on the horizon!! Let's hope .. I do love my Wimbledon ..

    Good luck with all your costumes et al .. cheers Hilary